“I have been a patient of Dr. Hartnett for nearly 3 years to focus on my preventive health to keep my immune system strong among other things. Recently she added Infrared blanket therapy. My first treatment was extremely beneficial and I immediately experienced more fluidity in my overall movement. I have recently developed arthritis in my hip and after 30 minutes of treatment, the stiffness I usually feel was eliminated and lasted for two days. I have continued adding the infrared blanket therapy at the end of my Acupuncture treatments and have benefited greatly.” –V.G., 66 years old

“I absolutely loved my first ever acupuncture treatment with Dr. Erin! She made me feel relaxed and explained everything. Very caring and knowledgeable. I am really excited to go back for another visit next month!”

female, 37 years old

“Dr. Erin is amazing. She is so caring, friendly and is a great healer. You never feel rushed when you are in with her. The office is beautiful and very serene. She tries to always be accommodating and flexible with her schedule. I really can’t thank her enough for helping me feel better.” –female, 38 years old

“I admit that I was skeptical at first about trying acupuncture. After the first session, I noticed I felt much better, slept better and with better sleep came less fatigue. After several treatments with Dr. Erin, I noticed that my fatigue and shoulder pain are minimal. Thank you Dr. Erin!!” 

Male, 40 years old

“Dr. Erin is the bomb. When I came in, I didn’t know what to expect. I haven’t been to an acupuncturist before. Dr. Erin explained everything in detail, laid out a treatment plan and started treating me. I already feel the difference after seeing her only two times. Her office is beautiful, parking isn’t a problem and making an appointment with Dr. Erin is so easy. I highly recommend this place!” –female, 45 years old

“I want to thank Dr. Erin for being on this pregnancy journey with me.  I have truly appreciated her kindness, support, and expertise in treatments. She is a gifted healer.”  

female, 34 years old

“I am so proud to be a patient of Dr. Erin’s. The treatment I just had helped me so much, and since that treatment, I am feeling better each and every day. The last few months, Dr. Erin has helped me tremendously, I cannot even begin to express my gratitude. Looking forward to my next treatment!” –female, 21 years old

“Dr. Erin, thank you for your expertise and kindness.” 

female, 51 years old

“Dr. Erin is absolutely amazing! I had never done acupuncture before and have heard mixed reviews (not of Dr. Erin) from friends. Dr. Erin has treated my boyfriend and he sadly has a phobia of needles and didn’t handle it well, but he trusts her and adores her. Ok to the point, so I went in not expecting to have anything done, but mainly for my BF to get acupressure treatment. But Dr. Erin had learned I had a broken finger, and she knew that acupuncture could help with the swelling and bruising. She was calm and made me feel very relaxed. She gently applied the needle on my hand right near my broken finger as well as various areas on my body. I rested in what I will call the Purple Room with the Great View, while she worked on my BF. She came back and checked on me, and then left again. She returned and removed the needles and did a few other treatments to my injured finger including rubbing it with some oil (it smelled amazing) and checking the finger. Overall my experience with Dr. Erin was amazing!!!!! I am so glad that 1) she helped me with my finger, 2) she helped my BF, 3) I gained more insight on Arbonne, and 4) I learned of a new way to help relax and relieve stress, anxiety and my depression. Thank you Dr. Erin!!!” –A.B., 47 years old

“My husband is so thankful for your treatments. Also, the Arbonne fizzies are my go-to, as I was getting dehydrated.  Thank you!”

female, 55 years old